17-11-10 Maintenance
A.   Continuous maintenance provisions shall be provided on the landscape plan. Maintenance shall include a plan, which accommodates the following:
   1.   The irrigation system should be designed to assure consistent water coverage of newly planted areas, regular watering of non-native species and specific watering schedule per plant type or xeriscape zone.
   2.   Pruning methods shall allow maximum shading while preventing obstruction into walkways, curb areas, drives, and line of sight triangles. Tree clearance for pedestrian and automobile passage shall be a minimum of seven feet once the tree has reached maturity. Pruning shall be consistent with the natural growth pattern or characteristic form of the plant. Opaque hedges are permitted.
   3.   Ornamental landscaping shall require regular fertilizing, aerating and mulching schedules to encourage plant growth and water conservation.
   4.   General landscape maintenance such as the clearing of debris, litter and weeds shall be included on a regular maintenance schedule.
   5.   Any plant material in areas of required landscaping that does not survive shall be replaced with an equivalent size and species within 30 days on an ongoing basis. Failure to replace dead plant material within the specified time period shall constitute a zoning violation.
   6.   Irrigation shall be routinely tested and shall be repaired and replaced as necessary to prevent excess spray or water to planted areas, curbs and pavement, clogged emitters at each plant, and flooding of low lying areas. Improper irrigation system maintenance which results in pooling or runoff of excess water shall result in a warning. Failure to resolve the problem within 30 days shall constitute a zoning violation.
   7.   Architectural and built structures, sculpture or decorative features, and exterior furnishings (benches, trash receptacles, etc.) shall be maintained to prevent injury, maintain access, and prevent defacement.
Ordinance 2022.006 amended Section 17-11-10 A.5-6