17-11-9 Roadway landscape standards
The primary purpose of this section is to promote the safety of those people using Marana roadways, vehicular and bicycle traffic as well as maintenance workers and pedestrians. Sight visibility and plant material selection and location are important factors. This section also is intended to promote the harvesting of water within the landscape area.
A.   Hardscape shall be designed to deter materials from washing onto sidewalks and the roadway. The toe of slopes with decomposed granite shall be located 12" minimum from walls and curb, and shall end in reverse curves.
B.   Boulders shall have a maximum 18" exposed above grade.
C.   Bullnoses or any median three feet or less in width shall not be planted.
D.   All sight visibility triangles shall be indicated on plans. No mature plants over 18" or tree canopies growing lower than six feet shall be allowed in these zones.
E.   Shrubs shall be placed so that when the mature size is reached, the edge of the shrub is one foot from the curb.
F.   Tree trunks shall be located a minimum of seven feet from median curb and nine feet from right-of-way curb.
G.   Planting of tree materials which shall overhang into roadway at maturity is discouraged. Overhanging branches are a hazard to bicyclists and have the potential of being injured or destroyed by high profile automobiles.