Up to two (2) welcome houses may be constructed on common right of way areas. One located at the intersection of 1600 S and Preserve Drive and one located at the intersection of Maple Canyon Drive and Preserve Drive. Such structures shall be limited to four hundred (400) square feet of area (excluding basements) and one story/sixteen feet (16') in height measured from finished grade of the lot to the highest point of the roof. The welcome house structures shall not be located closer than six feet (6') from a roadway curb and eighteen feet (18') from the boundary of the PRC-4 zone.
Bridge structures and water features may be constructed in a common right of way area or other easement. Such structures shall allow for minimum road widths and construction requirements and shall not exceed eight feet (8') in height.
Up to one common clubhouse/community facility may be constructed on a private, commonly held parcel. Such facility shall be limited to the same restrictions and standards as a ranch lot (lots 56 through 92) described herein and in accordance with section 18.82D.090 of this chapter.
Uses permitted for the clubhouse/common facility may include the following:
Accessory structures.
Dressing and locker rooms.
Exercise and entertainment facilities.
Food and retail sales limited to the support of the facility and its users.
Meeting and gathering areas.
Outdoor amenities such as tennis, pool, play areas, gardens and other landscape features.
Service structures and yards for maintenance of the common facilities of the PRC-4 zone.
Open space and trails shall be used for the enjoyment of the community. The trails shall be used for walking, jogging, bicycling, horseback riding and other nonmotorized activities. With the exception of service vehicles owned and operated by the homeowners' association, no motorized vehicles shall be allowed in the common areas. All trails and open space will be maintained and improved by the homeowners' association. (Ord. 2007-18, 8-7-2007, eff. 12-11-2007)