General Provisions   18.04
Definitions   18.08
Administration And Enforcement   18.12
Nonconforming Uses, Structures, And Lots   18.20
Temporary Uses   18.22
Establishment Of Zones; Zone Map   18.24
Lots, Yards, And Open Spaces;
Building Height And Size   18.26
A-2 Agricultural-Residential Zone, One Dwelling Unit Per Two Acres   18.28
CE-1 Critical Environment Zone   18.30
RA-1 Residential Agricultural Zone, One Dwelling Unit Per Acre   18.32
RA-2 Residential-Minor Agricultural Zone   18.36
R-1-B Residential Zone   18.44
R-2 Residential Zone   18.48
R-2-B Residential Zone   18.50
R-3 Residential Zone (Rep. by Ord. 2019-03, 3-6-2019, eff. 4-2-2019)   18.52
PO-1 Professional Office Zone   18.54
SDP Specific Development Plan Zone   18.56
SDP-1 Mapleton-West Specific Development Plan Zone   18.56A
SDP-2 Sunrise Ranch Specific Development Plan Zone   18.56B
NC-1 Neighborhood Commercial Zone   18.58
CC-1 Central Commercial Zone   18.60
GC-1 General Commercial Zone   18.64
I&M-1 Industrial And Manufacturing Zone   18.72
M&HM-1 Mining And Heavy Manufacturing Zone   18.74
TDR Transferable Development Rights Overlay Zone   18.76
PRD-1 Planned Residential Development-1
Whisper Rock Development   18.77
PD Planned Development Zones   18.78
PD-1 Planned Development-1 Mapleton Village District   18.78A
PD-2 Planned Development-2 Zone   18.78B
PD-3 Planned Development-3 Harmony Ridge District   18.78C
PD-4 Planned Development-4 Mapleton Heights   18.78D
OS-P Open Space And Parks Zone   18.80
PRC Planned Residential Community Zone   18.82
Hillcrest Subdivision, Planned Residential Community (PRC-1) Zone   18.82A
Pheasant View Subdivision, Planned Residential Community (PRC-3) Zone   18.82C
Preserve At Mapleton Subdivision, Planned Residential Community (PRC-4) Zone   18.82D
Whisper Rock Subdivision, Planned Residential Community (PRC-5) Zone (Rep. by Ord. 2013-05, 6-18-2013, eff. 7-12-2013)   18.82E
Mapleton 340 Lakes Phase 1, Planned Residential Community (PRC-5) Zone   18.82F
Maple Vale Subdivision, Planned Residential Community (PRC-6) Zone   18.82G
[Reserved]   18.82H
Clegg Canyon Subdivision, Planned Residential Community (PRC-8) Zone   18.82I
Supplementary Regulations   18.84
Signs   18.86
Penalties   18.88
Landscape Standards   18.90
Commercial Design Standards   18.92