A.   Separation Of Certain Types Of Garbage:
      1.   It shall be the duty of every owner, or his agent, or the occupant of any house, building, flat or apartment or tenement in the Village where people reside, board or lodge, or where animal or vegetable matter is prepared or served and at all times, to maintain in good order and repair, a separate can for garbage, and a separate receptacle for cans, bottles, ashes and similar refuse.
      2.   It shall be the duty of every such occupant to deposit nothing but garbage and paper in the can provided for the same, and nothing but tin cans and bottles in the receptacle provided for the same; also, all garbage placed in containers shall be wrapped.
   B.   Use Of Containers: It shall be unlawful to dispose of any garbage, refuse or ashes anywhere in the Village except as provided herein. Such material shall be placed in containers as provided herein for collection by a licensed scavenger. (Ord. 1999-02, 5-4-1999)