The board of health shall not pass any rules or regulations which compel any person to submit to any vaccination, to the injection of any virus or to any medication against his will or without his consent, or in the case of a minor or other person under disability, without the consent of his parent, guardian or conservator, except where there shall be an epidemic of a disease, or an epidemic is or appears to be imminent and such a rule or regulation is necessary to arrest the epidemic and safeguard the health of the village.
The board of health, and any officer designated and authorized to act by such board, shall have the power to enter any lodging house, boarding house, factory, workshop, schoolhouse or other place where persons congregate or collect in crowds or in large numbers, for the purpose of vaccinating any person or all persons found therein, at any time when in the opinion and belief of such board smallpox is epidemic, or where it shall have come to the knowledge of said board that any person infected with smallpox or who has been exposed to infection, has recently been allowed or permitted to be present in or about any such place. Said board or any officer duly authorized and designated by it, shall have the power, and is hereby authorized to vaccinate any person found in any such lodging house, boarding house, factory, workshop, schoolhouse or other place as above mentioned, whom the said board shall deem necessary or advisable to vaccinate. Said board shall also have the power and it is hereby authorized at any time when smallpox is prevalent or an epidemic of smallpox is or appears to be imminent, to vaccinate any person within the village whom it shall deem necessary or advisable to vaccinate; provided, however, that if any person whom the board shall deem necessary or advisable to have vaccinated shall desire to be vaccinated by his own physician or by some duly licensed physician other than the physician on the board of health he shall be permitted to be vaccinated by the physician of his choice if such vaccination be performed forthwith and in a manner satisfactory to the board of health. (1956 Code, Sec. 8-10)