2-1-5: DUTIES:
   (A)   The board of health shall perform the following duties:
      1.   Enforce all the laws of the state and provisions of this code in relation to matters pertaining to the public health and sanitary condition of the village;
      2.   Promulgate and enforce all rules and regulations of the board of health or any state or local power which might have authority to make rules and regulations regarding public health;
      3.   Cause all nuisances affecting the health of the public to be abated with all reasonable promptness;
      4.   Determine when a disease is contagious or epidemic and establish quarantine regulations whenever it is deemed necessary.
   (B)   For the purpose of carrying out the requirements of this code relating to the public health and the functions of the board of health, the board of health or anyone authorized to act for it shall be permitted at all times:
      1.   To enter into any house, store, stable or other building, and to cause the floors to be raised if the board or its representative shall deem it necessary, in order to make a thorough examination of cellars, vaults, sinks or drains;
      2.   To cause all dead animals or other nauseous or unwholesome things or substances to be buried, removed or disposed of as the board directs. (1956 Code, Sec. 8-5)