10-1-2: PURPOSE:
   (A)   To promote the public health, safety, and general welfare; to conserve, protect, and enhance property values; to preserve the natural beauty and topography of the village and surrounding areas; to secure the most efficient use of land; and to facilitate the adequate development of public improvements;
   (B)   To provide for orderly growth and development; to afford adequate facilities for the safe and efficient movement of traffic; to safeguard against flood damage; and to guide and time the sequence of future growth and development in accordance with the comprehensive plan and in accordance with the financial ability of the village to provide essential off site public services and capital improvements;
   (C)   To prescribe rules and regulations governing the subdivision, resubdivision and platting of land; the preparation of plats; the location, width and course of streets and highways; and the installation of utilities, street pavements and other essential improvements;
   (D)   To establish procedure for the submission, consideration, approval, and recording of plats, improvement plans; and to provide the means for enforcement and nature of penalties for violation. (Ord. 07-20, 9-4-2007)