Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, the following signs and displays shall be strictly prohibited throughout the village:
   (A)   Signs erected on or that project over public property or a public right of way unless erected by or with the written permission of the village. (Ord. 11-06, 6-20-2011)
   (B)   Signs that project beyond the property line on which the sign is erected.
   (C)   Permanent signs on public utility easements.
   (D)   Signs placed within a natural waterway.
   (E)   Signs attached to trees, public utility poles, standpipes, gutter drains or fire escapes, other than warning signs issued by government officials or public utilities.
   (F)   Signs that block or impede the ingress or egress of any door, window, or fire escape. No sign shall be erected so as to impair access to the roof of a building.
   (G)   Signs (even temporary) that create a visual or physical hazard for vehicles, pedestrians or children. (Ord. 08-08, 7-21-2008)
   (H)   Billboards, except for signs affixed to bus shelters erected in the public right of way with the written permission of the village. (Ord. 11-06, 6-20-2011)
   (I)   Signs which do not meet the standards of, or which otherwise violate, the Illinois highway advertising control act of 1971, as amended.
   (J)   Signs not specifically allowed by this chapter. (Ord. 08-08, 7-21-2008)