The director shall complete an application review and notify an applicant of his/her decision to grant or deny a permit within thirty (30) days of receipt of the application. An applicant may obtain his/her permit from the village hall once advised that a decision to grant the permit has been issued. A record of all permits issued and denied pursuant to this chapter shall be maintained by the director. Any permit not specifically approved or denied within thirty (30) days of the application's submission shall be deemed denied as failing to comply with the provisions of this chapter unless both parties agree to an extension in writing. All extensions shall be signed by the director and the applicant and shall specify the date upon which the extension is to terminate. If the director has not granted or denied an application upon the expiration of the time period so specified, the applicant may either consider such failure as a denial of the permit or agree to a further extension of time. The director shall not consider the sign's content as a part of his/her decision to grant or deny a permit and shall limit his/her decision to compliance with this code.
The director shall use reasonable efforts to notify the applicant of his/her decision to grant or deny a permit in writing. If an application is incomplete, the director shall allow the applicant an opportunity to provide the information necessary for his/her review. In the case of a denial, the director shall advise the applicant why the sign cannot be constructed as proposed. The notification shall be mailed to the applicant via U.S. mail at the address contained on the application. The notification shall be postmarked no later than three (3) business days subsequent to the expiration of the review period.
An applicant denied a permit under this chapter may appeal the director's decision to the president and board of trustees for the village of Manteno. Said appeal shall be filed in the office of the village clerk and stamped no later than thirty (30) days subsequent to the date indicated on the director's denial letter or the final date upon which the director's review has expired if no letter is received. Upon receipt of an appeal, the village clerk shall immediately send notice to the president and board of trustees of the appeal. Within fourteen (14) days subsequent to the receipt of an appeal, the village clerk shall send notice to the applicant setting forth the date, time and location of the appeal hearing. The appeal shall be held within thirty five (35) days of receipt of the applicant's appeal. The president and board of trustees' review of the appeal shall be limited to whether the proposed sign conforms to this code. The president and board of trustees may only reverse the decision of the director upon a majority vote of the elected officials then holding office. Upon a reversal, the director shall be obligated to issue a permit to the applicant within seven (7) days. An applicant may appeal the decision to deny a permit made by the president and board of trustees through the Illinois administrative review law 1 . (Ord. 08-08, 7-21-2008)



1. 735 ILCS 5/3-101 et seq.