9-1-2: PURPOSE:
This title is adopted pursuant to 65 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/11-13-1, 1996, for the following purposes:
   (A)   Promote the public health, safety, morals, comfort and general welfare of the present and future inhabitants of the village by:
      1.   Requiring provisions for adherence to land use patterns deemed to provide for development in the best interest of the entire village as indicated, explained and substantiated in the official plans of the village and requiring a division into zones or areas for such adherence.
      2.   Protecting ground water supplies by controlling inappropriate land uses where soils and geological characteristics present the possibility of diminishing supplies or contamination by pollutants.
      3.   Requiring provisions of adequate open space for sunlight, clean air, privacy, noise abatement, recreation, convenience of access to property, pedestrian circulation, and safe sight distances for operation of motor vehicles.
      4.   Requiring provisions to prevent undue concentration of population and structures within each zoning area.
      5.   Requiring provisions for adequate public services, facilities and utilities such as transportation ways, water supply, sewage disposal, schools, police and fire protection, open spaces and parks.
      6.   Requiring provisions for adequate control, operation and maintenance of essential facilities necessary for public use.
      7.   Promoting use of land (under a time frame) consistent with the ability of the village to furnish adequate public services and requirements.
      8.   Providing for the opportunity to create a variety of housing opportunities and lifestyles, employment, industrial and commercial enterprises.
      9.   Eliminating nonconforming uses of land, buildings and structures which adversely affect the zoned area.
      10.   Prohibiting the intrusion of incompatible uses into residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, recreational and other necessary natural and manmade areas.
   (B)   Conserve and enhance the character, stability and values of property throughout the village by:
      1.   Requiring provisions for coordinated and harmonious land uses.
      2.   Requiring provisions for promoting adherence to land use patterns deemed to provide for development in the best interest of the entire village.
      3.   Requiring adherence to building structure standards, which also includes design, site plan, signage, lighting and landscape review.
      4.   Requiring provisions to regulate the use of land and buildings in order to establish and conserve neighborhoods, while preventing blights and slums.
      5.   Encouraging the preservation of areas of historical and architectural significance.
      6.   Encouraging the aesthetic use of land and buildings.
   (C)   Lessen or avoid congestion in the public streets and highways of the village by:
      1.   Requiring provisions for safe and adequate circulation of motor vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians, including adequate open space for safe line of sight distances.
      2.   Requiring provisions for orderly and functional management of land development and use.
      3.   Requiring the off street parking of motor vehicles and loading and unloading of commercial vehicles.
   (D)   Lessen or avoid the perils to persons and damage to property resulting from natural or manmade hazards in each zoning area by:
      1.   Requiring provisions for controlling development within floodplains or areas historically known to flood.
      2.   Requiring provisions for storm or floodwater runoff through drainage, curbing, detention, retention and sediment and erosion control.
      3.   Requiring provisions to isolate or control the location of unavoidable nuisance producing uses such as fire, explosion, noxious fumes and noise.
The standards and requirements contained in this title, and the district mapping reflected on the Manteno zoning district map, are intended to implement the objectives of the comprehensive plan for the village of Manteno. (Ord. 99-06, 6-21-1999)