No accessory building shall be constructed or added onto without first obtaining a building permit. Accessory buildings must have an approved floor, concrete, wood, or other similar surface. All accessory buildings shall be built with a minimum four inch (4") gravel base or manufactured floor kit of a moisture resistant nature and be built to avoid rodent or varmint infestation. All accessory buildings shall be anchored to avoid uplift from wind. Accessory buildings not framed on site over a concrete slab will be required to have at least two (2) attached ground anchors at opposite corners of the building. (Ord. 16-11, 8-15-2016)
   (A)   The following shall be the maximum allowed dimensions for accessory buildings:
      1.   No accessory building shall be more than two percent (2%) of the total lot square footage. However, in no event shall an accessory shed exceed three hundred fifty (350) square feet regardless of the total lot square footage. For accessory buildings larger than three hundred fifty (350) square feet, see requirements for garages.
      2.   The maximum height of the walls for any accessory building shall be eight feet (8'). "Walls" shall mean the exterior face of the accessory building as measured from ground level to the roof.
      3.   No accessory building shall exceed twelve feet (12') in height measured from ground level. (Ord. 12-37, 3-18-2013)
   (B)   The following shall be the concrete and foundation anchorage requirements for a stick building:
      1.   Turndown footing measuring a minimum of twelve inches deep and six inches wide (12" x 6").
      2.   A minimum anchor bolt diameter of one-half inch (1/2").
      3.   No anchor bolt shall be spaced farther than six feet (6') on center or twelve inches (12") from each plate section or corner of the structure.
      4.   Anchor bolts must be embedded at least seven inches (7").
      5.   Anchor bolts must be attached to a plate with washers and nuts. (Ord. 10-03, 5-3-2010)
   No accessory building shall be sided with metal.
   Minimum two by two (2 x 2) framing construction will be required. (Ord. 16-11, 8-15-2016)
   All accessory buildings must be placed behind the primary structure (back yard) or in the case of a corner lot, placement in the side yard shall be permitted. No accessory building shall be located closer than five feet (5') from any property line. Accessory buildings shall not be permitted in any easement or placed at a location so as to impede the drainage of a neighboring property.
   Exception: Prefabricated sheds not constructed or placed on a concrete slab shall be allowed to be placed in a public utility easement not considered an overland drainage easement, provided the owner completes the easement waiver provided by the building department. The easement waiver acknowledges owner notification that in the event the shed is placed in a public utility easement, the owner shall assume all costs associated with the removal or location modification by any utility company for access to the easement. The village shall not be held liable for any subsequent damages to said shed or its contents by permitting the shed to be placed in the easement. The owner shall assume the responsibility to notify all utility companies of the intent to place a shed in a public utility easement. (Ord. 14-48, 4-6-2015)