It shall be the duty of the owner and occupant of every principal structure in the village, to place on his/her property, a mailbox, in accordance with the following plan:
   (A)   The mailbox opening edge shall be behind the curb.
   (B)   The mailbox opening shall be forty two inches (42") high, measured from the top of the curb.
   (C)   No owner or occupant shall construct or install a masonry mailbox or matching monument without a building permit.
   (D)   No owner or occupant shall be granted a permit for the installation of a masonry mailbox or matching monument unless a waiver of rights is executed absolving the village, and its employees, of liability for damage to those structures during the course of their employment.
   (E)   If a masonry mailbox or matching monument is installed, no portion of the structure shall be located closer than eight inches (8") from any curb and public sidewalk. No masonry mailbox, or matching monument, shall be larger than the following dimensions: five feet (5') high, four feet (4') in width, and three feet (3') from the front of the mailbox/monument to the rear. On a corner lot, no masonry mailbox or matching monument shall be installed within thirty feet (30') of the nearest corner.
   (F)   No portion of a masonry mailbox or matching monument shall be located beyond seven feet (7') of a driveway edge.
   (G)   There shall be permitted only one structure, masonry mailbox or matching monument, per driveway side.
   (H)   All matching monuments shall be identical to their masonry mailbox counterparts in dimension, color and material.
   (I)   No portion of any masonry mailbox or matching monument may be placed in a location prohibited by subsection 9-3-2(G) of this code when installed on a corner lot.
   (J)   The provisions of this section shall govern in the event they conflict with subsection 6-1-3(B) of this code. (Ord. 08-27, 1-20-2009)