(A)   Building Department:
      1.   There is hereby created the building department of the village of Manteno and the director in charge thereof shall be known as the code enforcement officer.
      2.   The building department shall keep careful, systematic records of the business and work of the office, including permit applications, survey plats and building plot plans, construction plans and specifications, copies of permits and certificates issued, affidavits and certificates received, a record of inspections, copies of notices and orders issued, and reports of tests made.
      3.   The building department shall retain plans and specifications of houses and accessories, including survey plats and building plot plans for a period of seven (7) years. Parts of plans for other buildings which may be useful for future periodic inspections shall also be retained. (Ord. 03-38, 4-19-2004, eff. 5-1-2004)
   (B)   Director Of Building And Zoning:
      1.   The director may recommend a person or persons, hereby called inspectors, for appointment by the village president and village board, who are qualified by professional or practical training and experience to conduct certain inspections and affairs of that office.
      2.   It shall be the duty of the director and the inspectors to enforce all of the provisions of this chapter and to act on any questions relative to the mode or manner of construction in the erection, addition, alteration, repair, removal, demolition of structures, installation of service equipment, use and occupancy permits, maintenance of all buildings, including sewer connections, zoning and nuisance complaints, fire and life safety issues, other applicable village ordinances, and state laws as herein referred to.
      3.   The director and inspectors are hereby authorized to make inspections to enforce the provisions of this chapter and for such purpose are hereby authorized to enter any building, structure or premises. (Ord. 09-23, 1-19-2010)