5-1-15: RATS:
   (A)   Rat Stoppage: Every building or structure within the village shall be rat stopped, freed of rats and maintained in a rat stopped and rat free condition.
      The term "rat stoppage" as used herein applies to a form of rat proofing to prevent the ingress of rats into or under buildings or other structures from the exterior or from one building or structure to another. It consists essentially of the closing of all openings in the exterior walls, ground or first floors, basements and foundations that may be reached by the rats from the ground by climbing or by burrowing, with concrete, sheet iron, hardware cloth or other types of rat proofing materials impervious to rat gnawing. (1956 Code, Sec. 23-30)
   (B)   Inspection: The board of health may from time to time order the inspection of any building or structure to determine evidence of rat infestation. When any evidence is found by such inspection indicating the presence of rats, notice shall be served on the owner, agent or occupant of said building or structure to abate such condition. (1956 Code, Sec. 23-31)
   (C)   Abatement: Upon the receipt of any such notice it shall be the duty of the owner, occupant or agent to comply therewith at once. Noncompliance after the time stated in the notice, in no event to be less than fifteen (15) days, shall be construed as a violation of this chapter by such owner, occupant or agent. (1956 Code, Sec. 23-32)
   (D)   Dumping: It shall be unlawful for any person to place, leave, dump or permit to accumulate any garbage or trash in any building, structure or premises so that the same shall afford food or harborage for rats, or to dump or place on any premises, land or waterway, any dead animals or waste vegetables or animal matter of any kind. (1956 Code, Sec. 23-33)