(A)   For the purpose of this subchapter, the following definitions shall apply unless the context clearly indicates or requires a different meaning.
         (a)   To approach or speak to a person in such a manner as would cause a reasonable person to believe that the person is being threatened with:
            1.   Imminent bodily injury; or
            2.   The commission of a criminal act upon the person or another person, or upon property in the person's immediate possession;
         (b)   To persist in a solicitation after the person solicited has given a negative response; or
         (c)   To block, either individually or as part of a group of persons, the passage of a solicited person.
      AUTOMATED TELLER MACHINE. A machine, other than a telephone:
         (a)   That is capable of being operated by a customer of a financial institution;
         (b)   By which the customer may communicate to the financial institution a request to withdraw a benefit for the customer or for another person directly from the customer's account or from the customer's account under a line of credit previously authorized by the financial institution for the customer; and
         (c)   The use of which may or may not involve personnel of a financial institution.
      EXTERIOR PUBLIC PAY TELEPHONE. Any coin or credit card reader telephone that is:
         (a)   Installed or located anywhere on a premise except exclusively in the interior of a building located on the premise; and
         (b)   Accessible and available for use by members of the general public.
      PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION STOP. An area officially marked and designated as a place to wait for a bus, a light rail vehicle, or any other public transportation vehicle that is operated on a scheduled route with passengers paying fares on an individual basis.
      SELF-SERVICE CAR WASH. A structure:
         (a)   At which a vehicle may be manually washed by its owner or operator with equipment that is activated by the deposit of money in a coin-operated machine or a station of vacuums used in the cleaning of a vehicle whether coin-operated or not; and
         (b)   That is accessible and available for use by the general public.
      SELF-SERVICE FUEL PUMP. A fuel pump:
         (a)   From which a vehicle may be manually filled with gasoline or other fuel directly by its owner or operator, without the aid of an employee or attendant of the premises at which the fuel pump is located; and
         (b)   That is accessible and available for use by the general public.
      SOLICITATION. To ask, beg or plead, whether orally or in written or printed manner or with an object for the purpose of receiving contributions, alms, charity, or gifts of items of value for oneself or another person.
      SOLICITATION-FREE ZONE. Any area or structure which provides any service, retail sales or entertainment for the general public and includes any parking lot used for customer parking associated with those areas or structures.
   (B)   In this chapter, to the extent of any conflict between the definitions in this section and § 111.02, the definitions in this section shall control.
(Ord. OR-2221-21, passed 10-11-21)