(A)   No existing building or structure shall be changed in use, and no building or structure erected, enlarged or structurally altered after the effective date of this chapter, unless a Certificate of Occupancy and Compliance shall first have been issued by the Building Official of the city certifying that the building and the proposed use of the building and premises comply with all building and fire codes, and any other applicable codes and ordinances.
   (B)   A certificate of occupancy and compliance shall be applied for coincident with the application for a building permit and will be issued within ten working days after the completion of the erection, alteration or conversion of such building or land provided such construction or change has been made in complete conformity to the provisions of this chapter. All existing or hereafter created nonconforming uses shall obtain certificates of occupancy within 18 months of the effective date of this chapter. A certificate of occupancy shall be considered evidence of the legal existence of a lawful nonconforming use as contrasted to an illegal use and violation of this chapter.
(Ord. 671, passed 4-15-86)