(A)   General provisions. In compliance to Article 5221f-1, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes, all local requirements and regulations relating to land use, zoning, building setback, site planning and development, subdivision control, landscaping and architectural requirements, erection and installation shall be uniformly applied to industrialized housing and building without distinctions as to whether the housing or buildings are manufactured or are constructed on-site.
   (B)   Construction and installation requirements. For each installation and related on-site construction of industrialized housing or building within its corporate limits, the City of Mansfield specifically requires:
      (1)   That a compete set of design plans and specifications bearing the stamp of the Texas Industrialized Building Code Council be submitted to the city for review for compliance with the mandatory state codes.
      (2)   That all applicable local permits and licenses and fees be obtained before any construction begins on a building site.
      (3)   That all modules or modular components within an industrialized housing or building bear an approved decal or insignia under rules of the Texas Department of Labor and Standards reflecting that they have been inspected at the manufacturing plant or facility.
      (4)   That the industrialized housing or building be placed on an approved permanent foundation.
      (5)   That the Building Official be notified for inspection of all foundation and other on-site construction, and installation of modules or modular components on the permanent foundation to assure compliance with approved designs, plans and specifications.
(Ord. 671, passed 4-15-86)