(A)   Purpose. To encourage the most appropriate use of the land and to conserve and protect the value of adjacent land and buildings; regulations are prescribed for the location and screening of open storage of materials, commodities and vehicles of all types in the various districts in accordance with the following standards:
   (B)   In all PR, residential and mobile home districts, no open storage or display outside a building of materials or commodities for sale at wholesale or retail or for storage purposes shall be permitted, nor shall any motor vehicle or machinery storage other than that which is incidental to the use of a premises as herein provided or permitted nor shall any truck or commercial vehicle storage be permitted, except that one panel delivery or pick-up truck not exceeding one ton capacity may be stored by the owner of a premises when such vehicle storage is incidental to the main use of such premises.
   (C)   No open storage or display outside a building of materials and commodities or any other objects shall be permitted in the C-1 District. In the C-2 District, the open storage or display of items intended for direct retail sales or rental shall be permitted under the following restrictions:
      (1)   The area used for open display shall not be greater than 10% of the gross floor area of the establishment having such display.
      (2)   If the open display is located in the parking lot, the number of spaces available for parking shall not be less than that required by § 155.091.
   (D)   No open storage or display of any object, vehicle, boat, material or equipment shall be allowed on public right-of-ways or designated private or public recreational areas. Any aforementioned objects, vehicle, boat, material or equipment parked or located upon any public right-of-way, or designated private or public recreational areas for a period longer than 72 hours shall be classified as storage and be subject to removal by the city without prior notice at the owner's expense.
   (E)   Open storage or display in the C-3, I-1 and I-2 Districts shall be placed on a gravel, asphalt or concrete surface or other surface approved by the Director of Planning and not on natural ground unless it is located more than 30 feet from any street right-of-way or screened by an eight foot opaque fence. Such surface shall be maintained in good condition and free of weeds or debris.
(Ord. 671, passed 4-15-86)