(A)   General purpose and description. To identify areas that will ultimately be developed for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. This zoning classification does not infer any specific indication of future land uses other than its projection for some form of residential, commercial or industrial development. The actual zoning classification for properties in these areas will be converted to a residential, commercial or industrial zoning district classification at the initiation of the development process by a properly filed zoning change request to be evaluated in conformance with the city's zoning ordinance. The zoning classification selected will be determined based upon normal zoning change review criteria to include the city's then current land use plan, thoroughfare plan, and the developer's projected uses.
   (B)   Permitted uses. Uses permitted in the PR District shall be the same as those permitted in the SF-12/22 District.
   (C)   Area and height regulations. Area and height regulations in the PR District shall be the same as those provided for the SF-12/22 District.
(Ord. 671, passed 4-15-86)