§ 155.011  WORD USAGE.
   In the interpretation of this chapter, the provisions and rules of this section shall be observed and applied, except when the context clearly requires otherwise:
   (A)   Words used or defined in one tense or form shall include other tenses and derivative forms.
   (B)   Words in the singular number shall include the plural number, and words in the plural number shall include the singular number.
   (C)   The masculine gender shall include the feminine, and the feminine gender shall include the masculine.
   (D)   The word "shall" is mandatory.
   (E)   The word "may" is permissive.
   (F)   The word "person" includes individuals, firms, corporations, associations, trusts, and any other similar entities.
   (G)   The word "City" means the City of Mansfield, Texas.
   (H)   The words "City Council" means the City Council of the City of Mansfield.
   (I)   The words "Planning and Zoning Commission" shall mean the Mansfield Planning and Zoning Commission.
   (J)   The word "Board" shall mean the Mansfield Board of Adjustments.
   (K)   In case of any difference of meaning or implication between the text of this chapter and any caption, illustration, or table, the text shall control.
   (L)   The word "building" includes the word "structure."
   (M)   The word "lot" includes the words "parcel", "plot", or "tract."
   (N)   The words "residential zoning" mean the following zoning district classifications: A, SF-5AC/24, SF-12/22, SF-9.6/20, SF-8.4/18, SF-8.4/16, SF-7.5/18, SF-7.5/16, SF-7.5/12, SF-6/12, 2F, MF-1, MF-2, MH, as well as Planned Development that consists of residential uses.
   (O)   “Fire code” means the fire code adopted by the City of Mansfield and any amendment thereof.
   (P)   “Person” includes both the singular and plural and means an individual person, corporation, association, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, and any other type of legal entity and any receiver, trustee, guardian, executor, administrator, and fiduciary or representative of any kind.
(Ord. 671, passed 4-15-86)