In the event that a customer shall fail to comply with any part of this chapter, the local regulatory authority may notify such customer by letter addressed to such customer at the customer’s residential, commercial or post office address, if personal service may not be had on the customer or the customer’s address is not known. The notification shall contain in brief terms the condition or conditions which exist on such customer’s premises which fail to comply with any part of this article. After issuance and receipt of the notification, the city may enter upon such premises and may do such work as necessary, or cause same to be done, to abate the unlawful condition on the premises in order that the premises may comply with the requirements of this chapter. A statement of costs incurred by the city to abate such conditions shall be mailed to the customer and such statement shall be paid within 30 days of the date of the mailing of the statement of costs.
(Ord. OR-1924-14, passed 11-10-14)