(A)   Each licensee shall pay to the city an annual fee for the recyclable collection license in an amount equal to 8% of the base fee charged by the hauler for materials collected from any source facility within the city.
      (1)   The licensee shall remit the fee to the city quarterly at the office of the Director of Finance, on or before the thirtieth day of April, July, October and January, based upon the revenues collected during the previous calendar quarter.
      (2)   The quarterly payment shall be accompanied by an income statement certified by the licensee acknowledging compliance with this section.
      (3)   The licensee shall make available to the city notifications of new commercial customers as well as cancellations of existing commercial customers, as they occur.
   (B)   Each license applicant shall submit the appropriate non-refundable application fee with the license application according to the following application fee schedule:
General Recycling (including one vehicle)
   Additional vehicles
Contracted Transporter (per contracted vendor)
Construction and Demolition (per license)
(Ord. OR-1924-14, passed 11-10-14)