(A)   Every person shall keep all trash containers closed in such a manner as to prevent the scattering of the contents thereof and to render said contents inaccessible to rodents, and other pest animals.
   (B)   All food service establishments shall ensure that any privately owned trash receptacles on their property are maintained to prevent the scattering of garbage and trash. At a minimum, these facilities should survey their property daily and remove any scattered materials.
   (C)   The disturbance of any garbage or recycling container or in any way pilfering, scattering contents or junking in any alley or street, or from a commercial container within the city limits is prohibited.
   (D)   All recyclables shall be stored in a manner that prevents scattering, vector breeding or harboring, or other nuisance.
   (E)   The City Manager and the City Attorney are authorized to file such claims or lawsuits as might be necessary to recover actual cost of the city cleaning up or removing such waste or material against any person responsible for the depositing of the same upon public sidewalks, alleys, storm drain systems or other public property of the city.
(Ord. OR-1924-14, passed 11-10-14)  Penalty, see § 50.99