Except as may be otherwise provided herein or under a subsequent amendment to this chapter; billing penalties, interest, and collection procedures shall be consistent with that of the city's water and sewer services. Drainage charges, when billed through utility bills, shall be identified separately on such bills. Delinquent charges shall be collected in a manner consistent with § 552.050 of the Tex. Loc. Gov't Code. A user of a benefitted property is responsible for payment of drainage charges. For users billed by the city for other utility charges, such as water and/or sewer service, the city may bill the user for drainage charges in the same bill. Otherwise, the city shall establish a new drainage billing account and the bill shall be sent to the address provided for the new account. Failure of a user to pay such charges may result in the discontinuance of city drainage, water or sewer service.
(Ord. 1429, passed 6-9-03; Ord. OR-1799-11, passed 3-21-11; Ord. OR-1829-12, passed 1-9-12)