Drainage charges shall be levied in accordance with the following definitions.
   BENEFITTED PROPERTY.  Any residential or commercial property within the city to which drainage service is made available and which discharges into a street, creek, river, slough, bayou, culvert, conduit, inlet, or other channel that forms part of the drainage utility system.
   COMMERCIAL PROPERTY.  Benefitted property that is non-residential parcels, including commercial, industrial, C1, C2, multi-family and governmental property.
   RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY.  Any benefitted property platted, zoned or used for residential development including single-family, duplex, manufactured home, mobile home, camper, recreational vehicle, or other improved parcel upon which buildings contain less than five dwelling units.
   USER.  The person or entity who owns or occupies a benefitted property, including a commercial tenant. The city may deem the owner of property to be an "officially-designated user" under certain circumstances.
(Ord. OR-1829-12, passed 1-9-12)