(A)   At the conclusion of the quarantine, the Animal Services Control shall release the quarantined animal to its owner if the quarantined animal shows no clinical signs of rabies, and
      (1)   If the owner presents an unexpired rabies vaccination certificate for the animal to the Animal Control Manager; or
      (2)   If the animal is vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian at the owner's expense, and the owner presents a rabies vaccination certificate for the animal to the Animal Control Manager.
   (B)   The Animal Control Manager shall euthanize any animal which at the end of the quarantine period is determined by a veterinarian to show clinical signs of rabies.
   (C)   If an animal dies, is killed, or euthanized while in quarantine, the Animal Control Manager shall submit the animal's brain to a Texas Department of State Health Services certified laboratory for rabies diagnosis.
   (D)   The owner of a quarantined animal shall pay to the Animal Control Manager all costs of quarantine and disposition of the animal by fee set by the Council. No quarantined animal shall be released until all fees have been paid, unless waived by the Animal Control Manager.
   (E)   If the owner of an animal fails to take possession of the animal before the fourth day following the final day of the quarantine period, the Animal Control Manager shall at his option place the animal for adoption or cause it to be euthanized.
(Ord. OR-1787-10, passed 10-11-10; Am. Ord. OR-2143-19, passed 8-26-19)