(A)   A person commits an offense if he has knowledge of an animal bite or scratch of a human and fails to report said bite or scratch to the Animal Control Manager within 24 hours from the time of the incident.
   (B)   A person commits an offense if he knows of an animal that he suspects is rabid and fails to report such animal to the Animal Control Manager.
   (C)   A report shall be written or oral and include if known, the name and address of the victim and of the animal's owner, and any information which could lead to locating the victim, the animal, and the animal's owner.
   (D)   The Animal Control Manager shall investigate all reports made under this section.
   (E)   The owner of the biting animal will place that animal in quarantine as prescribed in § 90.37 under the supervision of the Animal Control Manager.
   (F)   Humans bitten by rodents, birds and reptiles are excluded from the reporting requirements of this section.
   (G)   The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to dogs trained and used by police departments, corrections departments or other government service.
(Ord. OR-1787-10, passed 10-11-10)