(A)   Enforcement of this subchapter shall be the responsibility of the Animal Control Department, Planning and Zoning Department, and Code Enforcement Division. In the absence of an animal control officer, any department or official designated by the City Manager shall have enforcement responsibilities and authority.
   (B)   Animal control officers shall have the authority to issue citations for any violations of this subchapter.
   (C)   If the person being cited is not present, they may be summoned to court in accordance with applicable law.
   (D)   It shall be unlawful for any person to interfere with the animal control officer in the performance of duties. A person interferes with an animal control officer if he/she:
      (1)   Releases or causes an animal to be released after an animal control officer has impounded the animal; or
      (2)   Physically constrains the movement of an animal control officer or his/her vehicle or equipment by:
         (a)   Placing any part of the person or person's property in the way of the animal control officer's progress in the performance of the officer's duties; or
         (b)   Taking or moving an officer's equipment which causes a time delay in the officer's ability to use the equipment.
(Ord. OR-1787-10, passed 10-11-10; Am. Ord. OR-2143-19, passed 8-26-19)