Upon written request for appeal by an owner or caretaker whose animal has been seized, ordered removed from the city, been denied a permit, had a permit revoked, or had restrictions placed upon the keeping of an animal, the Municipal Court shall set a time for an appeal hearing to determine the appropriateness of any decision. The hearing must be held not later than ten business days after the date on which the appeal of the seizure or the order to remove the animal from the city was issued, unless agreed to by all parties.
   (A)   All appeals must be filed in writing not later than ten business days after the animal was seized or ordered removed from the city.
   (B)   The appeal must be filed with the Animal Control Manager.
   (C)   The Municipal Court shall give written notice of the time and place of the hearing to:
      (1)   The owner of the animal, or the person from whom the animal was seized or received the order to remove said animal from the city; and
      (2)   The person who made the complaint.
   (D)   Any interested party, including the City Attorney, is entitled to present evidence at the hearing.
(Ord. OR-1787-10, passed 10-11-10)