§ 150.047  REPAIR OF DAMAGE.
   Every person receiving a moving permit from the Building Official shall, within one day after the building has reached its destination in the city, or has reached the city limits, report that fact to the Building Official, who shall thereupon inspect the streets, alleys, avenues and public grounds over which the building has been moved and ascertain the condition thereof. If the moving of the building has caused any damage to the streets, alleys, avenues or public grounds or to trees, traffic signals, street lights, sidewalks or other improvements properly located thereon, the house mover shall forthwith place same in good repair as they were before the permit was granted. Upon his/her failure to do so within ten days thereafter, the Building Official may cause the necessary repairs to be made, and the mover shall be held responsible for payment of costs. Future permits shall be withheld from the mover until satisfactory settlement of claims for damages have been made and recovery by the city of the damages shall be had out of the bond or insurance.
('78 Code, § 6-37) (Ord. 163, passed 2-13-64) Penalty, see § 150.099