(A)   Before any permit for the moving of a building is granted by the Building Official, the person applying therefor shall have on file, in the City Secretary's office, a certificate showing that the person has taken out and is maintaining automobile bodily injury and property damage liability insurance and owner's and contractor's protective liability insurance as follows: automobile, truck, trailer and dolly bodily liability insurance in an amount of not less than $25,000 for injuries, including accidental death, to any one person, and in an amount of not less than $50,000 on account of one accident and property damage insurance in an amount of not less than $50,000.
   (B)   No person shall move any building for which a permit is required for moving a building in the city until the person shall first have on file with the City Secretary a satisfactory surety bond in the sum of $1,000 approved by the City Manager. The bond shall be conditioned for the moving of buildings in accordance with the ordinance of the city regulating same and shall provide for the indemnification of the city for all damages or liability that may accrue to or against it by reason of the moving of buildings by or under the direction of the maker of the bond. The bond shall be submitted to the Building Official for filing with the City Secretary after approval by the City Manager and shall be maintained by renewal as long as the maker is engaged in the business of moving buildings.
('78 Code, § 6-34) (Ord. 163, passed 2-13-64; Ord. 163A, passed 3-22-66) Penalty, see § 150.099