(A)   No person shall move any building into the city or from one site within the city to another within or without the city until the person shall have first secured a permit to do so from the Building Official. The fees for the permits where buildings are moved in, through or upon streets, alleys, avenues or public grounds shall be $25 for all buildings.
   (B)   Where it is necessary to cut a building into sections for removal, the fee shall be based on the area of the entire building plus $10 for each section moved after the first.
   (C)   The above fees are based on the moving being accomplished in one day of 24 hours from the time the building is moved onto a public street, alley, avenue or other public ground, and the mover shall pay $10 for each additional day or fraction thereof that the building is in or on public ground.
   (D)   In addition to the moving permit and fees provided for in this section, the owner or his/her agent shall secure a building permit for foundations, repairs and alterations.
('78 Code, § 6-30) (Ord. 163, passed 2-13-64) Penalty, see § 150.099