(A)   The city may require any plans and specifications that are prepared for the construction of site improvements to illustrate and describe the best management practices required within this section that will be implemented at the construction site. The city may deny approval of any building permit, grading permit, subdivision plat, site development plan, or any other city approval necessary to commence or continue construction, or to assume occupancy, on the grounds that the management practices described in the plans or observed upon a site inspection by the city are determined not to control and reduce the discharge of sediment, silt, earth, soil, and other materials associated with clearing, grading, excavation, and other construction activities to the maximum extent practicable.
   (B)   Qualified personnel (provided by the operator of the construction site) shall inspect disturbed areas of any construction site that have not been finally stabilized, areas used for storage of materials that are exposed to precipitation, structural control measures, and locations where vehicles enter or exit the site, in accordance with the inspection schedule included in the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the site. All erosion and sediment control measures and other identified best management practices shall be observed in order to ensure that they are operating correctly and are effective in preventing significant impacts to receiving waters and the MS4. Based on the results of the inspection, best management practices shall be maintained, repaired, or revised as appropriate, and as soon as is practicable and maintenance, repair or revision activities noted in the SWPPP for the site.
   (C)   The city may require changes be made to an owner and/or operator's SWPPP if, in the best professional judgment of the Director, or authorized representative, the SWPPP does not comply with the requirements of the owner and/or operator's NPDES or TPDES permit to discharge stormwater associated with construction activities.
   (D)   The deficiencies in an owner and/or operator's SWPPP will be provided in writing, and the Director, or an authorized representative, will give the owner and/or operator a reasonable amount time, not to exceed 14 days, to make the necessary changes in the SWPPP.
(Ord. 1680, passed 3-10-08)