(A)   Purpose.  The purpose of this Regulation is to ensure that those persons responsible for an emergency situation resulting from the leaking, spilling or otherwise allowing certain hazardous substances which may pollute or impair the environment or health to escape containment, are responsible for clean-up and restoration of the affected area. In the event the responsible person(s) cannot complete such clean-up and restoration, thereby requiring clean-up and disposal by the Public Health Officer, the responsible parties shall be financially responsible for any and all costs of such clean-up, disposal, containment or abatement.
   (B)   Preamble.  Recognizing that the sanitary and safe disposal of hazardous substances is fundamental to individual, public and community health, further recognizing that hazardous substances can pollute and impair the environment, further still recognizing that accidental releases of hazardous substances should be cleaned up by the party responsible for the release, and insofar as possible to prevent the creation of nuisances and conditions menacing the public health, this regulation for the clean-up of the release of hazardous substances is hereby established pursuant to the Michigan Public Health Code, being M.C.L.A. §§  333.1101 et seq., §§ 2433, 2435, 2441, 2442, 2444, 2446, 2451, 2455, 2461, 2462 and 2465.
(Ord. 218, passed 1-5-1995)