(a)   Business.  Any corporation, partner- ship, sole proprietorship or other business entity whether or not for profit. Such definition does not include governmental entities.
   (b)   City official.  Mayor, alderman, member of school committee, and commissioner of welfare.
   (c)   Immediate family.  Spouse, children and spouses of children, step-children and spouses of stepchildren.
   (d)   Financial interest.  A monetary or pecuniary interest in a business, entity or matter, whether direct or indirect, not shared by the public at large. A city official shall have a financial interest in the affairs of immediate family members, any business in which the official is an officer, director, proprietor, partner, trustee, member or employee, or any investment in which the official owns directly or indirectly, more than five percent (5%) of the total stock or an interest totaling $50,000 or more.
   (e)   Personal interest.  Interest in a matter which is other than that of the official as a public official and which is more direct than that of the public at large and would influence the action of the public official.