(a)   It shall be the responsibility of all elected officials to ensure the enforcement of and compliance with this charter.
   (b)   In the event there is an allegation of a violation of the charter or failure to follow its provisions, such allegation shall be referred to the mayor who shall review the allegation with the official or officials involved.
   (c)   In the event such review shall not resolve the matter, the mayor shall refer the allegation to the chief legal officer of the city who shall report findings on the allegation to the mayor and board of aldermen within ninety (90) days.
   (d)   If the violation or failure is alleged to involve the mayor, the chairman of the aldermen shall receive the allegation and refer it to the chief legal officer of the city.
   (e)   If a violation is found to have occurred, the mayor and aldermen shall direct such action or changes in procedure as shall ensure compliance with this charter. This provision shall comprise administrative procedure and remedy for alleged violations of this charter.
   (f)   The board of mayor and aldermen shall provide for any procedures necessary in order to address violations of this charter.