(a)   The retirement system for city employees approved on referenda, as proposed by Laws 1973, Chapter 218 and Laws 1976, Chapter 24 shall remain in full force and effect.
   (b)   Eligible persons within the school department, police department and fire department shall participate in the appropriate state administered retirement system as required by law.
   (c)   Any amounts which may be paid or payable to, or on account of, any member or retired member on account of any disability to which the city has made contributions under the provisions of any worker's compensation or similar law or plan shall be reduced against or from the city pension on account of the same disability, except that any city employee who is receiving both disability retirement benefits and worker's compensation benefits as of January 1, 1986 shall not be affected. (Ord. of 11/5/85)
Editor's note:  This section refers to a local law which applies only to Manchester and is not included in the current recodification of the Revised Statutes.