(a)   Not less than once every ten (10) years the board of mayor and aldermen shall cause the question of charter revision to be considered by the voters under the provision of state law. Except as set forth below, nothing in this provision shall limit the availability of the charter amendment process provided by law.
   (b)   The local procedures used for amendment, revision, or replacement of the charter shall comply with the procedural laws of the state pertaining to amendment, revision or replacement of a city charter as set forth in RSA 49-B, and no legislative approval shall be required to amend, revise or replace those aspects of the charter pertaining to the school district provided that the proposed charter amendment, revision or replacement shall be consistent with the general laws of the state regarding school districts and shall not divest the district of the powers and duties afforded school districts under state law.
(Amended by electorate 11-3-20)