(a)   Number of members.  There shall be a board of registrars consisting of five (5) members. Four (4) members shall be registered voters who shall have been residents of the city for at least five (5) years immediately preceding the date of their appointment. The fifth member shall be the city clerk.
   (b)   Appointments.  Each member, except the city clerk, shall be appointed by the mayor subject to the approval of the board of aldermen.
   (c)   Political representation.  The four (4) registered voter members of the board shall represent the two (2) leading political parties at the preceding state election, but in no event shall more than two (2) of the registered voters of the board be of the same political party.
   (d)   Term of office.  Appointments to the board shall continue to be made annually in April, and each member, except the city clerk, shall serve a three (3) year term beginning on the first day of May and continuing until his successor is appointed and qualified. Except for the City Clerk, no member shall serve more than two (2) consecutive three year terms.
   (e)   Vacancies.  Vacancies for the unexpired term shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment.
   (f)   Organization. Annually in May before transacting any other business, the board of registrars shall appoint one of its members as chairman and one as clerk.