The following provisions shall apply to all commissions, boards and authorities, whether departmental commissions or commissions established by ordinance, and to extent permitted by law, commissions or boards established or required by statute hereinafter referred to as “commission:”
   (a)   Membership limitations.
      (1)   No commission shall be comprised entirely of members of the same political party. No commission shall have a majority of members from any one ward of the city. The mayor and aldermen shall seek broad geographical representation for members of all commissions.
      (2)   The mayor shall establish procedures to give reasonable notice of vacancies before they are filled and provide an opportunity for application by citizens of the city.
      (3)   Members of commissions shall be residents of the city except as required by law.
   (b)   Appointments and organization.  The members of all commissions of the city shall be nominated by the mayor and shall not take office until the appointment has been confirmed by a vote of eight (8) aldermen, unless the appointment has been made by the aldermen under the provisions of Section 3.14(g)2. Each January, all commissions shall choose one of its members to chair the commission and one to serve as secretary.
   (c)   In the event of a vacancy in any commission as a result of resignation, death, expiration of term or other reason, the above nomination and appointment process shall be followed subject to the provisions of 3.14(b).
   (d)   Terms and limits.  Members of commissions shall serve for three (3) year terms and shall be limited to two (2) consecutive full terms on the same commission. (A full term shall be considered a term of two (2) years or more.) No member shall take office for a term, having served two (2) consecutive terms, unless two (2) years shall have elapsed since such member completed the second consecu-tive term.
   (e)   Removal for cause.  After a finding by the board of aldermen that there is cause to remove a member of a commission of the city, the member may be removed by a vote of nine (9) aldermen voting on a motion stating specific reasons.
   (f)   Attendance.  If any member of a commission fails to attend one third () of the regularly scheduled meetings of the board or commission during a calendar year or misses four (4) consecutive meetings held by such commission, the record of attendance shall be reported to the mayor and aldermen who, upon a finding of no reasonable explanation for such absences, shall declare the office vacant.
   (g)   Appointment of commissions. 
      (1)   No member of a commission shall serve in holdover status for a period longer than ninety (90) days after the expiration of any term. At the end of such period, the office shall become vacant unless the mayor has re-nominated the incumbent or nominated a replacement. The mayor shall submit a nomina-tion to the aldermen for confirmation not later than ninety (90) days after the expiration of the term.
      (2)   In the event the mayor shall fail to submit a nomination in said ninety (90) day period, the position shall be filled by the board of aldermen which shall be entitled to nominate and confirm its choice. Such confirmation vote shall require the votes of nine (9) aldermen.
      (3)   In the event the mayor makes a nomination in said ninety (90) day period and the nominee is not confirmed, the mayor shall be entitled to nominate a new candidate within ninety (90) days after the rejection of the prior nominee. There shall be no limit on the number of nominees the mayor may nominate as long as nominations are made within ninety (90) days of the rejection of the prior nominee.