(a)   For reference, the following depart- ments of the city exist at the adoption of this charter. The departments existing are as follows:
   Board of Assessors
   Department of Aviation
   Building Department
   Office of City Clerk
   Economic Development Office
   Elderly Services Administration
   Finance Department
   Fire Department
   Health Department
   Highway Department
   Information Systems
   Office of the Mayor
   Parks, Recreation, and Cemetery
   Personnel Department
   Police Department
   Public Building Services
   Risk Management
   Office of City Solicitor
   Office of Tax Collector
   Traffic Department
   Water Department
   Welfare Department
   Office of Youth Services
   (b)   It shall be the duty of the first mayor holding office under the provisions of this charter to draft and submit to the board of aldermen within nine (9) months after the adoption of this charter, an ordinance consistent with the charter which defines the functions and duties of each department existing at the time of the ordinance.