(a)   Chief executive officer.  The administrative and executive powers of the city shall be vested in the mayor.
   (b)   Administrative powers.  The mayor shall have the power to supervise the administrative affairs of the city. The mayor shall carry out the policies enacted by the board of aldermen and perform other duties as are consistent with those of a chief executive.
   (c)   The mayor shall not, in the exercise of his powers, decrease the policy making power of the aldermen as granted in this charter.
   (d)   Presiding officer.  The mayor shall be the presiding officer at all meetings of the board of mayor and aldermen.
   (e)   Voting powers.  The mayor shall have the power to break tie votes of the board of aldermen, pursuant to R.S.A. 45:9.
   (f)   Communication.  The mayor shall keep the aldermen informed of the condition of the city and shall make such recommendations as he may deem advisable.
   (g)   Law enforcement authority.  The mayor shall enforce, or direct other officials to enforce the ordinances of the city, this charter and all general laws and special acts applicable to the city.
   (h)   Budget officer.  The mayor shall exercise administrative control over the expenditure of all appropriations; establish a budget format and the procedures for the adoption of the budget; review all departmental budgetary requests; and make recommenda-tions to the board of aldermen regarding financial policies, appropriation resolutions and revenues.
   (i)   Other powers and duties.  The mayor shall exercise all other powers and discharge all other duties not inconsistent with this charter, municipal ordinances, general law and all special acts pertaining to the city not hereby repealed by this charter.