(A)   A violation of any section or division of this subchapter will result in a warning letter from the office of the City Clerk, outlining the violation, being sent to the location at which the violation occurred, using the name and address or other information which may be available from the records of the licensee on file with the City Clerk.  A citation issued by any city department or official charged with the responsibility for enforcing the ordinances and codes of the city shall also serve as a notice of violation within this subchapter.
   (B)   The Committee on Administration of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen shall have the responsibility for the suspension or revocation of licenses for noncompliance with this subchapter. Suspension or revocation of amusement devices or arcade licensing shall be based on the following guidelines:
      (1)   A second violation will result in the licenses to display for public patronage or keep for operation any mechanical amusement device, and/or to operate an arcade, being suspended for a period of up to 60 days.
      (2)   A third violation will result in a suspension of the license for an indefinite period of time, or the revocation of the license.  The Committee on Administration may revoke the licenses after three or more violations of the provisions of this subchapter.
      (3)   If aggrieved, the licensee may request, in writing, a hearing before the Committee on Administration of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. The request must be made within ten days of notice of suspension or revocation.
      (4)   The Committee on Administration shall set a hearing date, notifying the licensee of the hearing date.  The hearing will be held at the earliest possible date and the matter shall be decided within a reasonable time.  The licensee will be notified of the decision of the Committee.
(Ord. passed 3-7-95)  Penalty, see § 111.99