§ 11.01 CITY SEAL.
   The seal of the city shall be as follows:
   (A)   A circular disk, upon the border of which shall be the words: “City of Manchester. Incorporated June 1846.”
   (B)   Upon the disk, to be a shield divided into three compartments, each to contain a device. First, a waterfall with trees and the Uncanoonuc Mountains in the background. Second, a piece of machinery called a regulator. Third, a factory building and a locomotive with a transportation car loaded with bales of manufactured goods.
   (C)   The shield surmounted by a hand holding a hammer with a scroll containing the words “Labor Vincit” - the whole being the design hereto annexed.
   (D)   The city seal shall be the property of the city. No person shall manufacture, sell, expose for sale, or have in his possession for sale any article or substance, being an article of merchandise or receptacle of merchandise or article or thing for carrying or transporting merchandise, or sell, expose for sale, give away, or have in possession for sale or to give away, or for any purpose any article or thing to advertise or promote services, upon which shall have been painted, printed, attached, or otherwise placed, a representative or likeness of the city seal.
('71 Code, § 2-1) (Ord. passed 3-2-76) Penalty, see § 10.99