(A)   Upon request, a driver shall display to law enforcement personnel or the City Clerk, or other person authorized to enforce this chapter, a physical or electronic record of a ride in progress sufficient to establish that it was a prearranged transportation service. To the extent that trip records are contained on electronic devices, drivers are not required to relinquish custody of the devices in order to make the required display.
   (B)   If a passenger files a complaint against a licensee or driver with the city, in addition to all other powers and remedies provided under this Code, the licensing official or authorized staff shall have the right to inspect the licensee's records as necessary to investigate and resolve the complaint to the same extent the licensing official and law enforcement personnel are permitted to inspect all other public passenger vehicles.
   (C)   The City Clerk is authorized to enforce this chapter, and to adopt rules and regulations for the proper administration and enforcement of this chapter.
   (D)   Any fees imposed pursuant to rules authorized by this chapter shall be reasonably related to the city's cost of administration and enforcement, and shall be effective upon approval of the license fee schedule.
(Ord. passed 5-3-16)