(A)   Every licensee shall keep accurate books and records of account of the licensee's operations at the licensee's place of business in the city for a minimum of three years. Such records shall be submitted for inspection upon the request of the licensing official.
   (B)   Each licensee shall provide the following data to licensing officials, at such times and in a format and manner prescribed by the licensing official:
      (1)   The number and percentage of the licensee's customers within the city who requested wheelchair accessible vehicles, and how often the licensee referred such customers to another service provider;
      (2)   The number of rides requested and accepted by the licensee's drivers within each zip code within the city; and the number of rides that were requested but not accepted by the licensee within each zip code; Data provided pursuant to this subsection shall be deemed to be not public data to the extent permissible under NH RSA91:A;
      (3)   Information on any of the licensee's drivers who were alleged to have committed a violation of this chapter or their terms of service or who have been suspended or banned from driving for the licensee, including any zero-tolerance complaints and the outcome of the investigation into those complaints;
      (4)   The average and mean number of hours and miles each of the TNC endorsed drivers spent driving for the licensee; and
      (5)   The licensee must provide upon the request of the City Clerk, Chief of Police, or their designees, factual information regarding the licensee's drivers and vehicles so as to determine whether or not a particular TNC driver was active on the TNC dispatch system application, in route to a passenger location, or engaged with a passenger at a specific time and date. Such information shall be provided within eight hours of the request unless otherwise required by the licensing official.
(Ord. passed 5-3-16)