In addition to all other applicable requirements provided by law or this title, it shall be unlawful for any transportation network driver to:
   (A)   Pick up or discharge a passenger on designated taxicab stands, no stopping or standing zones, or other restricted areas;
   (B)   Solicit potential passengers by words or gestures for immediate patronage of a transportation network vehicle by a transportation network driver upon the public way attempting to direct people to a transportation network vehicle that is parked, stopped, standing or moving upon the public way;
   (C)   Accept or respond to passengers' or potential passengers' requests for service via traditional street hail, including hand gestures and verbal statements;
   (D)   Unlawfully park on any public way for a time longer than is reasonably necessary to accept passengers in answer to a prearranged transportation service and no passenger shall be accepted;
   (E)   Provide false information to or refuse to obey or to comply with any lawful order or direction of the licensing official or any police officer, or traffic-control officer, nor shall any licensee use profane language or otherwise interfere with such officials while in the performance of their duties;
   (F)   Take a circuitous route to a destination, or any route other than the most direct route, without the express consent of the passenger;
   (G)   Drop a passenger at a location other than the location requested unless prohibited by law;
   (H)   Refuse to convey an orderly passenger;
   (I)   Disable, eliminate or otherwise prevent access to the TNC mobile application by the licensing official or designees of the licensing official for purposes of enforcing this chapter; and
   (J)   Notify other drivers that a potential customer is or may be a City Clerk or designee, or in any way otherwise interfere with or obstruct enforcement of this title by the City Clerk.
(Ord. passed 5-3-16)