A transportation network company vehicle shall display, as approved by the City Clerk, a consistent and distinctive signage or emblem at all times while the driver is active on the TNC dispatch system. The distinctive signage or emblem shall be sufficiently large and color contrasted:
   (A)   As to be readable during daylight hours at a distance of at least 50 feet; and
   (B)   Reflective, illuminated or otherwise patently visible so as to be seen in darkness, and to identify that a particular vehicle is associated with a particular licensee.
   (C)   Acceptable forms of distinctive signage include, but are not limited to, symbols or signs on vehicle doors, roofs, or grilles. Magnetic or other removable distinctive signage is acceptable. Licensees shall file an illustration of their distinctive trade dress with the City Clerk.
(Ord. passed 5-3-16)