(A)   (1)   Each application for a license to operate a TNC must be submitted with a fee based on the following schedule:
         (a)   License fee for up to ten vehicles: $400/vehicle;
         (b)   License fee for 11 - 25 vehicles: $350/vehicle;
         (c)   License fee for 26 - 50 vehicles: $300/vehicle; and
         (d)   License fee for 51 vehicles or more: $250/vehicle.
      (2)   The fee will be refunded if the license is not granted. The license fee shall be paid as a precondition to issuance or renewal of the license.
   (B)   A TNC license shall expire annually on April 30. License renewals shall occur annually between April 1 and April 30 of each year, and the TNC shall note any changes to its original application that may have occurred. Licenses not renewed after May 10 shall be revoked, and a new application process as provided for in this subchapter shall be required if the TNC chooses to renew its operation.
   (C)   Licensees whose initial application for a TNC is received by the City Clerk after May 1 of the year, shall be subject to all annual license fees on a proration schedule as follows:
Business start date
Applicable licensing rate
May 1 through July 31
August 1 through October 31
November 1 through January 31
February 1 - April 30
   (D)   Any person required to obtain a TNC license as provided pursuant to this title who fails to obtain or renew the appropriate license on or before the date as specified herein shall be considered delinquent and subject to a delinquency penalty of 10% for the first 30 days of delinquency plus an additional 10% for the next 30 days. The City Clerk shall be authorized to cancel the TNC license of any inactive licensee if the business has neither filed a license renewal nor remitted to the city the license fee imposed by this title for a period of 60 days. The non-licensed status may be removed by payment of an annual license fee in the amount of 150% of the annual TNC license fee imposed under § 119.30 of this code.
   (E)   A TNC license is non-transferable.
   (F)   No TNC license for any succeeding, current, or unexpired license period shall knowingly be issued to any person who at the time of making application or renewal thereof is indebted to the city for any unpaid municipal permit or fee.
   (G)   No portion of any license fee paid pursuant to this chapter shall be rebated, unless it clearly appears that such fee was collected by, or calculated by mistake or error, and before making such rebate of such fees, all amounts due and payable under proper fees and permits are deducted from the amount previously paid or are paid by the licensee.
(Ord. passed 5-3-16)